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Nanny Training and Education

While experience counts heavily on your resume and what families are interested in, taking the initiative and financially investing in your education in this industry will put you above the rest at interviews.

Getting certified as a nanny and/or continued professional development are the best ways to do this. I personally attended a nanny training program to become a Certified Professional Nanny at the start of my career, but unfortunately, that program is no longer an option. Consider looking into:

--U.S. Nanny Institute for 5 levels of certifications from basic to professional

--U.S. Nanny Association for nanny, newborn and infant care, and professional nanny certifications

--International Nanny Association for a basic nanny skills assessment and nanny credential exam

And now most professions have development/training days and courses that they need to continue taking, so why not nannies? It's very easy to get comfortable in a position, especially long-term ones, but we should never stop learning!

If you want to stay on top of your childcare game and boost your resume and pay range, look into these options:

--attend conferences put on by the International Nanny Association, U.S. Nanny Association, and Nannypalooza

--attend your local interNational Nanny Training Day

--look into virtual parenting conferences, like one put on by Transforming Toddlerhood

--earn your water safety or lifeguard certification through the American Red Cross

--take nutrition and cooking courses

--learn a foreign language

--become a Newborn Care Specialist with Newborn Care Solutions

--take a sleep course with Taking Cara Babies or Hey Sleepy Baby

--take a course to gain knowledge on how to handle big emotions from Big Little Feelings

Also, one more thing, negotiating paid days off to attend conferences and training days and/or a continued education fund are great things to add to your contract!

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