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Contracts for Nannies

Sometimes it seems like this should be general knowledge, but there are still some nannies and families who don't know this --

If you are a nanny or you're hiring a nanny and they are full-time, part-time, nights only, travel only, live-in, live-out, there needs to be a contract in place to protect all parties involved and ease communication during employment. This legal document is something that you can go back and reference should there be any questions with responsibilities or holidays or overtime pay. And with the current world, don't forget about a Covid clause!

Things typically included would be:

--hours and days worked

--hourly rate, guaranteed hours, overtime and overnight rates

--child related duties

--mileage reimbursement or use of a nanny car

--vacation days, sick days, professional development days


--social media release (or not)

--other benefits including, but not limited to IRA/401k contributions, health insurance stipend, continued education funding and reimbursement, gym or pool membership, etc.

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